Let's Have A Contest Girls & Hommes
The "Hopefully Whistlin Dixie" CONTEST.

Paint the picture & Hang it here, no renurmeration involved, no money, a credit given. It would be a great picture & Painted By, it could be you hopefully whistlin dixie. All entries have a chance to be posted here. Remember what Picasso said paint the movement not the arm, the sway of Her hips maybe?

To paint a picture of Standing not far off over her left shoulder is a young girl drawing a line in the sand in front of Jesus, the Lamb of god. He willing to show his anger, w/ a 'visa cash card' chip on his shoulder, fuming, as in cigarettes. Barbiera has long red hair down to there, like Goldilocks. Standing around her & behind her are mostly all sorts of animals gone bad waiting & watching, wondering whats it gonna be? Shy & bashful, about 13 years old, Barbiera stretches out her right foot in front of her looking right on draws a line w/ her right big toe two thirds across in the sand. The animals of the forest & jungle, some fierce some docile, many angry, a few hopeful, most beat up looking. Broken & bandaged, monsters & demons, a few armed & dangerous, a great multitude of them. Waiting in the shadows of the Lord are a few angels, one expectantly in sillouette. Show Down Prelude to a Covenant of Peace & Love. Hang it besides the Mona Lisa in the Louvre in Paris.