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OPENING SCENE: Exterior Shot>
Place: New York City >
Date: Tuesday September 1, 2001
In Asia Minor somewhere standing on the street are six bearded & grim Taliban extremists following who done it exiting the premises coming out through the front door on a mission from God w/ a pre booked flight plan pass by like russian spies but aren't to a CadiLLac parked @ the curb w/ the doors open. In there they go, the car drives off down the street. In ANKARA, TURKEY standing on the street are five happy to be along for the ride Taliban extremists following who done it exiting the premises coming out through the front door on a mission from God w/ a pre booked flight plan & pass by like russian spies but aren't to a CadiLLac parked @ the curb w/ the motor running & the doors open. In there they go, the car drives off down the street. They are driven from there along the highway to the airport in ALEXANDRIA, EGYPT to meet up. In the Alexandrian airport later the same day they meet up together & board two flights to BERLIN, GERMANY. @ the Alexandrian airport front door a fare drives up & stops, three doors open & three Taliban extremists from (Tripoli) LIBYA step out. Followed by a second fare doing the same thing. These six men enter the airport on time for their flights to infamy landing in Berlin, Germany in 13 hours. About an hour after then now more fares pull up in front of the Alexandrian Airport. Each of them full of Taliban extremists from (Addis Abba) ETHIOPIA. The CadiLLacTM cabs stop, doors open five men armed & dangerous Taliban Extremists step out. A third CadiLLacTM cab pulls up w/ three Taliban Extremists, men from IRAN armed & dangerous Martyrs of ISLAM. They spread out waiting for their pre booked flights to get them to Berlin, Germany so to meet up together @ a pre determined location. On the soundtrack the Elvis Presley singing 'Are You Washed in the Blood of the Lamb' off the"?" CD, plays until she leaves for work. Then a wide lens landscape portrait of the New York City Skyline, not including the Twin Towers, hold scene for a few seconds.

Next Scene: Exterior shot>
Queens, N.Y. A clip of scenes leading to a 3 story walk up bedroom window.

Next Scene: Exterior/Interior Shot>
Viewing Her Bedroom Window> looking through it> draw into it> now waking up in bed is a Single White Female Samantha Smith, twenty three years old, green eyes, w/ average weight & curly waist length red hair> She opens her eyes & she yawns and stretches and throws the covers off & hops out of bed in her flesh under-garments> skips to the Loo. She gets dressed wearing What to her appointment today & goes out.

Next Scene: Exterior Shot>
She hails a CadiLLac™ Taxicab #999 to get to her appointment today > it pulls up & she get's in.

Next Scene: Exterior Shot> Social Security Building
Next Scene: Interior Shot>
Supervisor's Office.
The outside of the Supervisor's office> then enter here is Supervisor Mrs. Ella Fitzgerald Carter in her office, she is an African American woman w/ three teenagers of Her own, wearing a Philadelphia 76s jersey #3 over a short sleeved black top, black slacks & a bandanna, on the job for another day @ work smoking a licensed brand cigarette.

Next Scene: Exterior Shot>
The Camera viewing a block away a CadiLLac™ Are you 
feeling short changed lately?  Drowning in bank fees?  W/ a Money Mart TM 
ecash card you could be set up & on your way. Taxicab approaching on the street in a slow steady descent w/ a female passenger.

Next Scene: Exterior Shot>
The Social Security Building.
It pulls up in front of the Social Security Building > 16 when the bow is in the cloud then I will look upon it, to Remember 
the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all 
flesh that is on the Earth./Gen 9/16 she pays the fare w/ Money Mart TM Mastercard™ taps her tag processing, faster than Debit completed, & in a licensed brand product spot says "One Debit card w/ a chip equals a cash card. No PIN # required for purchases. ATM withdrawls are PIN # protected for customer security."> The receipt is handed to her> she takes it & slips it in her Purse > gets out of the Cab walks up to the building.

Next Scene: Exterior Shot>
Overhead > She comes expecting to pick up the fruits of Benefits Players Light applying on the Telephone previously > she stands in Front of the Building lights up a licenced brand cigarette, she takes three puffs & butts it out> CadiLLac.

Next Scene: Exterior Shot>
Here comes a few homeless persons shuffling along > Frenchie/Todd stand by the Ashtray> Frenchie takes the long cigarette end out of it & joyfully says "CadiLLac" & a few butts. They keep shuffling along.

Next Scene: Interior Shot>
She enters into the building > rides up in the Elevator to the Social Security office.

Next Scene: Interior Shot>
'The redhead answers Samantha Barbie Smith' She enters into the Waiting Area> looks around> tears off from the Dispenser tag # 36 & takes a Seat. She looks @ the Counter on the wall > it is @ #33. The person w/ tag # 34 is sitting on her left > the Person w/ tag 35 is sitting on her right, w/ her in the Middle. Tag #34 is called immediately > #35 next > tag 35 is soon called > she is next> Tag # 36 is called> her numbers up. She comes to the Receptionist Desk. The blond Receptionist says "yes how may I help you, today?" Samantha chirps "I'm here to sign for a Cheque." The Receptionist looks up & asks her "your name?" The Redhead answers "Samantha Barbie Smith" producing her ID. The Receptionist reaches for her ID & looks up the papers for her to sign for the cheque> she can't find it it's not here, there is no cheque. She says "I'm sorry Ms Smith there is no cheque for you, please phone your worker" & looking past her calls out "#37." Standing there now it gets personal, large crocodile tears start rolling down her cheeks. Alarmed @ this Linda gets on the phone to Security. The walkie talkie man shows up. Threw her tears she crys "I want to see the Supervisor" hold scene for a few seconds, as they wait for something to happen. A supervisor might show up shortly. Mrs Carter comes out of her office listening as Samantha Smith crys out louder this time "I want to see the Supervisor!" & walks over to the Receptionist & indicates to Linda her intentions to take control from here. As she indicates the Door w/ her eyes the supervisor says to the client "walk w/ me please." Linda dismisses the walkie talkie man w/ a nod & a smile. They walk to the Supervisor's Office together.

Next Scene: Interior Shot>
Supervisor's Office
The Supervisor walks to her desk saying to her "I'm Supervisor Mrs Carter" & stands herself @ her desk "what's the matter?" she says offering the chair w/ her pen tip pointed @ it, says sitting down "please have a seat." Jonesing for benefits & prepared for anything she strides to the chair & sits down, the receptionist steps in fetching the clients file for the Supervisor, composing herself Samantha wipes her eyes & blows her nose.

Next Scene: Interior Shot>
Mrs. Carter smoking a licensed brand cigarette & not ashing it 
remarks what happened, what were you doing @ ground zero? They settle down & Mrs Carter lights a licensed brand cigarette reading in her file, asks questions about her her employment states "these are standard questions on your application, it says here you were born in Jerusalem, I was here @ my Desk working, when I heard about that day, how long have you Ms Smith worked in New York City?" She says "I moved here w/ a work visa three & a half years ago thats correct, employed @ Rogers Cable North Tower. It has come about on ground zero as a born-again native Israeli where I was born in Jerusalem will be made a heavy stone for all the peoples, all who lift it will throw their backs out." The Supervisor reading in her file asks further "tell me more about your job Ms Samantha Smith, what happened with your place of employment?" She jones "them Martyrs of Allah hijacking a 767 Jet 'n deliberately crashing it into our Building" she curses "the Fuck leaving me outta work Mrs Carter, knocking it down on its ass." She reprimands her saying "your Office on 99 twenty floors above impact had a Northern view it took out your office space & there was War in heaven girl. Reloading on planet earth the reign of terror," she insists "what would You do today w/ ground zero?" She says "they'll learn to rebuild dissin' the dead" & warns "what happened in a movie they built homes in a graveyard?" & looks up to her. Mrs. Carter smoking a licensed brand cigarette & not ashing it remarks "what happened, what were you doing that day?" hold scene for a few seconds as she thinks back three weeks ago remembering as if it was yesterday & 'fesses up "I slept in a little bit 'n running late."

Next Scene: Exterior Shot>
Tuesday September 11 2001.
Now a Birds Eye View> A shot of a CadiLLac? Taxicab in traffic w/ Shania Twain singing 'Honey I'm Home' off her Come On Over CD until filming through the apartment window.

Next Scene: Exterior Shot> Two America Place
the World Trade Center On the same sunny Tuesday morning Mr. Kevin Jones arrives for work early @ Two America Place> he rides up in the elevator to his Office on the 84th floor in Tower Two around 7:15 am. He drinking his morning coffee @ his desk & going about his morning routine.

Next Scene: Exterior Shot>
Queens, N.Y. View: a 3 story walk up.

Next Scene: Exterior/Interior Shot>
Viewing Her Bedroom Window> looking through it> draw into it> in harm's way is Samantha Smith now waking up in bed, her alarm clock didn't go off @ the usual time for any reason > she slept in for thirty minutes & opens her eyes & looks @ her alarm clock & looks out her bedroom window @ the blue skies of 9/11. An angel on her right shoulder says to her "get back to bed Samantha" hold scene for a few seconds > she yawns and stretches and says "I'm late @ the Office." An angel on her left shoulder says to her "get up for work, see its a beautiful day" hold scene for a few seconds. She throws the covers off, hops out of bed in her dark colored under-garments and skips to the Loo. She hastily gets dressed wearing a natural suede mid thigh mini-skirt, tight sweater & black Pumps & graps her briefcase in the hallway w/ the WTC Logo embossed in leather > bright eyed & bushy tailed w/ no time for breakfast she will grab a bite to eat @ the office.

A real life Stanley Jones, survivor & co-author Mr Brian Clark 
of Newark NJ in his office in the South Tower circa 2000. Next Scene: Exterior Shot>
On the soundtrack from the Shania Twain Come On Over CD 'Whatever You Do! Don't! from the first nine seconds. Insert picture of a Panorama View of N.Y.C. Skyline, including the Twin Towers; hold scene for nine seconds.

Next Scene: Interior Shot>
Two America Place.
A brief scene here of Kevin Jones in his Office on the telephone or @ the computer.

Next Scene: Exterior Shot> The Camera in a slow steady descent viewing a block away a CadiLLac™ Taxicab approaching on the street w/ a female passenger here She comes. It pulls up in front of One America Place> she pays the meter w/ Money Mart TM™ > she taps her tag processing, faster than Debit completed, & in a licensed brand product spot says "One Debit card w/ a chip equals a cash card. No PIN # required for purchases. ATM withdrawls are PIN # protected for customer security."> the receipt is handed to her, she takes it & slips it into her purse > & gets out of the CadiLLac™ Cab, walks up to the Building. Ms Samantha Smith leaves the cab @ West St. & walking up to One America Place> seen in the background in a fast pan on the side of a passing bus & a billboard advertising Money Mart TM.

Next Scene: Exterior Shot>
The Camera watches her through the front door or windows as she waits there for the elevator> it comes & doors open > she get's in.

Next Scene: Exterior Shot>
Heard playing in the elevator is 'She's So High & Lovely' ascending up w/ Her in the elevator car while filming the outside of the Building for the sheer height of it & 'Calling All Angels' @ the speed of the elevator about sixty seconds,

'CadiLLacs On Cheque Day' Budda Boom Budda Bing 'CadiLLacs On Cheque Day' Budda Boom Budda Bing Up to 'Windows on the World' Restaurant on the 107th floor.

Next Scene: Interior Shot>
On 107th Floor> Samantha leaves the elevators > enters the Windows on the World Restaurant to grab a bite to eat>
Philadelphia To Go she orders "a buttered Toasted Bacon Lettuce Tomato Sandwich with Philadelphia™ cream cheese to go & a licenced brand alcohol free beverage please" she chirps. "Would you like Fries w/ that?" She nods her head, pays w/ VisaTM Cash Card™ taps her tag processing, faster than Debit completed, & in a licensed brand product spot says "One Debit card w/ a chip equals a cash card. No PIN # required for purchases. ATM withdrawls are PIN # protected for customer security."> the receipt is handed to her she accepts it & looks @ it.

Next Scene: Interior Shot>
She is looking @ the amount & time printed out & the Camera zooms in over her right shoulder to read it @ waist level, hold scene for ten seconds.
Next Scene: Interior Shot>
Ms Smith waits for her Sandwich & bags the receipt> & heads for the elevators.

Next Scene: Interior Shot>
Camera watching her as she waits for the elevator among the crowd > car comes > doors open, the crowd enters> ground floor Button is pushed > the doors close> Ms Smith Pushes the button for her floor. Inside the car a woman wearing Docs steps on her toe somewhat because she might have gone down the elevator & out the building but didn't & now a passenger wearing a large gold cross about his neck in a suit and shades, hisses 'bitch' in her Face> "Excuse Me Sir?!" she says sarcastically, the elevator car descends to Her office floor.

Windows on the World 59040
One America Place
107th Floor, New York, NY

- = - = - = - = - = - = -
MERCHANT ID:              3000
TERMINAL ID:         PC259041
OPERATOR ID:                    1
TRANS ID:                   000242

SALE                   $13.66
DATE:      09/11/2001   08:10:13

Thank You for using Money Mart TM
Express Service

= = = CUSTOMER COPY = = =

Next Scene: Interior Shot>
Hallway> Elevator Doors open> she Exits the elevator on her floor.
Elevators> Filming her moving along the north-south hallway, limping slightly & carrying her paper lunch bag to Her office > w/ a Northern View on the ninety ninth floor.

Next Scene: Interior Shot>
Hallway opposite end> The door's open > on a Mahogany door w/ a bronze nameplate engraved Ms Samantha Smith > she turns into her office.

Next Scene: Interior Shot>
She goes to her Desk> put's the paper lunch bag, Soda & her purse on the desk & sits down @ her desk facing the door w/ a window @ her back. We can read her lips & hear her voice grievously corrected saying "he's setting them up take them out, rule over them god damn it!"

pulls a drink from her can of licenced brand product Soda Next Scene: Exterior/Interior Shot>
on it is a telephone, computer, calendar and a clock. Sitting @ her desk with Her back to the camera> looking in> draws in through the window> filming over her shoulder and panning her desk > on it is a telephone, computer, calendar and a clock. On the screen is licensed Hotmail,™ the date is Tuesday September 11/2001 the time is 8:20am, hold scene for a few seconds.

Next Scene: Exterior Shot>
One America Place.
On the same sunny tuesday morning Mr.Yin arrives for work @ One America Place> he rides up in the elevator to his Office on the 40th floor.

Next Scene: Interior Shot>
Now seeing someone sitting @ a desk> slowly focus on her face > terrified > Perplexed & doomed to die, pains and anguish have taken hold of her like a woman in labor> she had better pay attention to Her premonitions, like she's deciding something & doesn't quite know what it is. For five minutes, what to do? See's the Money Mart TM Inc™ tag receipt > picks it up & looks @ it > puts it down on the desk > now she is looking through her purse & we look w/ her & see her red pocket book new testament > a licensed brand cigarette pack> lipstick roller & mascara make up. Pushing the envelope she decides to go outside for a smoke.

Next Scene: Interior Shot>
Filming @ desk level> she brings Her purse, soda & leaves the office. As she passes around the desk> we see the time on the clock is 8:25am.

Next Scene: Exterior Shot>
Looking in @ Ms Samantha Smith through the window watching her walking out of her office wearing a natural suede mid-thigh mini skirt> light sweater & black Pumps carrying her jacket, purse & soda.

Next Scene: Interior Shot>
Hallway opposite end> Leaving her office into the Hallway she has taken three steps.

Next Scene: Interior Shot>
Hallway elevators> She's coming down the hall to the elevators > pushes button and waits, hold scene for a few seconds.

Next Scene: Interior shot>
Elevator car comes> the doors open> she embarks aboard the doors close > elevator descends to the ground Floor.

Next Scene: Interior shot>
One America Place.
Mr Yin is sitting @ his desk in front of the computer in One America Place, one of many co-workers here reading & writing emails.

Next Scene: Exterior Shot>
Filming Her through front door or windows as elevator car doors open up @ Plaza Level> she walks outside & turns right @ the Ashtray.

Next Scene: Exterior shot>
She's outside & lights a Licenced Brand cigarette & has taken three puffs.

Next Scene: Exterior Shot>
Now comes along a homeless person up to the Ashtrays > He stands by the ashtray > heart pounding music starts on the soundtrack from the Coldplay CD 'A Rush of Blood to the Head' @ the 4th track @ the 3:43 second mark. Jeffrey jonesing for a Cameo, takes a long cigarette end out of it & says "CadiLLac" > Samantha Smith says "jonesing for a cigarette, Buddy?" & w/ that she draws one out of her pack held in her left hand & w/ a right palm up & arm straight out bent at the elbow swinging down motion she offers a DuMaurier Light™> He accepts it & jones for a light & shuffles off; hold scene for a few seconds.

Next Scene: Exterior Shot>
Now She's looking around > views an Licenced Brand Debit card billboard, now @ a licensed brand product Advertisement passing along on the side of a bus > All of a sudden in an moment of time, in the twinkling of a eye she feels like taking the day off to shop for something nice, w/ her licenced brand debit card. Now @ the taxi stand.

Next Scene: Exterior Shot>
CadiLLac™ Taxicab Company Cabstand > filming from where She stood @ CadiLLacTM Taxicab the ashtray she shuffles to the first cab in line w/ a Money Mart™ sticker on the passenger's window of CadiLLac™ Taxi #1260 > clicks a connection w/ the iraqi cab driver> & drops the cigarette to the ground. She seats herself in the CadiLLac™ Taxi> shuts the door, playing on the soundtrack is an Elvis Presley version of 'What a Friend we have in Jesus' throughout the cab scene, it drives off into traffic> she has shopping for something nice w/ her licenced brand debit card on her Mind; hold scene for a few seconds.

All purpose Motorola Mobile Browser 120c In the Film/Video 'Flood Insurance' add in here two commercials for licenced brand products.

Next Scene: Exterior Shot>
Medium close up> CadiLLac™ Taxicab > A head shot of S.S. in the Taxi on the passenger's side surfing the Internet w/ spending money on her mind & signs in w/ Her licenced brand Bell, Motorola, Rogers, Telus Mobile Browser> She withdraws shopping money from her savings account and transfers it into Her debit card chequing @ her
Public Convenience Card chequing account   convenience card account   Secret Stash Cash chequing account   Private Direct Deposit chequing account   
Licenced brand Bank of choice. Moving in the Cab she Transfers the funds embedded in the chip on her debit card & not on her palm out of harm's way.

Next Scene: Exterior Shot>
Cut back to the Dog End on the ground > that now is burnt up to the lettering; hold scene for a few seconds.

Next Scene: Exterior Shot>
Ground Zero Time 8:46 am.
Hijacked American Airlines 11 bound on a Transcontinental Flight w/ enough Fuel onboard for a 2600 mile trip & hadn't gone yet twenty miles aiming w/ the engines on full blower @ 450 mph for the Building w/ the Antenna. One America Place > w/ the videotape of a City Works/Hydro Employee saying 'Holy S#$%, Jesus Christ Jesus Christ.'

The dots are People the Plane Life Size
Photo copyrighted
Next Scene: Interior Shot>
Two America Place.
Kevin Jones sitting in his Office w/ a window @ his back hears an enormous thump as Flight 11 slams into the 86nd floor of One America Place across the way. He jerks his eyes up to look @ the buzzing light fixtures overhead for a second > then spins his head around to look out the window @ the space between the buildings now filled w/ flames from the Jet fuel spilling over from flight Commonwealth 123. He jumps up from his desk grabs a flashlight & puts a whistle around his neck & more or less yells "Get out! Everybody get out!" Now he looks out the window again @ thousands of papers fluttering in the air w/ the edges of them on fire like flaming confetti.

Next Scene: Interior Shot>
Two America Place.
With Yin and his co-workers sitting @ their desks on the 40th floor they hear a low pitched "BOM" noise coming down from the 86th floor & the One America Place starts slowly swinging back & forth several times & gradually comes to a stop > there are no alarms or sirens going off & one guy starts walking fast for the stairs. Feeling quite alarmed Yin looks out the window & he see's things falling> now people are standing up & shouting "what happened?" The managers are telling everyone to leave the building immediately, dropping everything Yin makes good his escape & walks w/ his team mates to the emergency exit stairways. Some employees are standing around asking questions "What's going on?" & "what happened?" We shouted back "Get out of the Building NOW!" Feeling something wicked this way comes to the building they are in today, they make a bee-line for the stairs.

She runs up the stairs for Her life to the roof, eleven floors. Slowly & deliberately one @ a time she climbs the stairs. Smoke is starting to rise, Coming up from the floors hit by the impact. White chalky thin clouds of dust as well drifts up three floors from her. @ last climbing to the top the fire exit door sign appears in view, the smoke & dust now nipping @ her heels, She reaches out & pushes the door open on the run. Gulps in air by the lungful Samantha escapes to the roof. It so happens the exit door on the roof is in between the burning inferno @ her left hand & the edge of the Building on her right, about equal distance apart. Trapped w/ no recourse She stops to take a look around, weighing her options she counts the cost. A tough choice to make, whats it gonna be? Samantha deciding against burning up, figures she has just enough time to run for it from the blazing fire now consuming most of the roof to the edge & over. The largely lit Fire now overcomes the exit door w/ flames fifty feet up, she moves into a trot, minding to throw herself over the edge from the fire. A man in a business suit outpacing her, minding to do the same runs flat out past her through drifting dust & smoke throws himself off to his certain death, like walking a plank. Samantha thinking to do likewise only @ a trot comes across on the roof a handicapped person crawling slowly across the roof littered w/ debris so her wheelchair could not cross it, risks the fire crawls for it. Samantha sees Her there races up to her & grabs her under her armpit to lift her up, looks @ her says "C'mon, Honey, whatya say we jump together." The startled woman grateful for the company down shows wonder on her face yields herself to her fate worse than death consents w/ a nod. Another person runs past them over the edge, falling falling. Now only about ten feet from plunging themselves over & out they feel a gust of wind sweep over them. The whirring of the Traffic helicopter is heard, grows louder in no time, deafening. This Helicopter comes into view, larger than life, touches down lengthwise on the rooftop, of One America Place. The side door is open, its the traffic eye in the sky guy, thinks he's a hero. The handicapped person looking more amazed than ever yanks on Samantha's arm to get her attention, says "I know who you are, your Darryl Dalmer, man of my dreams." The traffic Helicopter pilot shouts over the twin turning 'copter blades "Get in, lets go!" The women heistating casts furtive glances back @ the wall of flames roaring their wrath @ everything in it's path not five feet away. "Now!" shouts the Pilot @ them. Samantha lifts the woman in first, she drags herself over from the door, leaving room for her co captive to get in. Samantha scrambles aboard in a flash. A plaintive cry is heard by all, "Wait!" The engine is rev'd up in the red zone, the maddening sound overlooks the flames starting to lick up near the rear of the aircraft. Smoke drifts in across the cockpit. Simoutaneously they all jerk their heads up, pivoting around to the sound. "Wait!" the plaintive cries again, shouting @ the top of her voice. Flames start burning the Choppers skin. Running for her life seemingly through the flames like a bat outta Hell. Arms flailing She pumps hard, out running the flames by a step @ best. She runs the last three steps to the waiting escape route, flies in through the open door, lands in the seat, shouts very loudly "Go! Go! Go!" The fire has now engulfed the vehicle fully it catches fire. The Pilot watching all this applies himself to the controls, jams the rudder pulls up on the yoke, lifting the aircraft through the flames over the edge & away from the Building. He struggles w/ the controls. The helicopter sways back & forth in the air, unstable of its footing. It coughs up smoke from the fuselage, mortally wounded. Uncertain of its future, it starts to fall. The pilot fighting the good fight for supremcy loses his calm. Frightened for his life he shouts "I'm losing it we are gonna have to put it down in a hurry." They look around below them for somewhere to land. The rooftop of Two America Place being closest. He nods @ Samantha she agrees "do it, hop it over." The sputtering 'copter waddles lamely in the air, flames now licking it's body. Lord have mercy. It lands destitute on the rooftop of Two America Place, sputters & dies. Samantha piles out of her seat onto the roof, falls down in a heap. The pilot assists the woman down from the chopper onto the asphalt covered roof. They form a group gasping for breath & choking. Sweat beads slide down her face only to drop to her bountiful sweater. People standing watching the fire from a distance of no more than a hundred yards run up to the handicapped woman, lift her up by the arms, wrap their arms around her waist. She half walking & half carried turns to Samantha smiles through her tears cries "You saved my life, I wouldn't be here w/ out you." Samantha sitting up, smudges her cheek, pushes the hair away from her face says "I wouldn't be here w/ out you either, what can go wrong?" The woman heads for the exit door on the roof...

Next Scene: Exterior Shot>
she starts crying there Burns my Office Space Goodbye S.S. exits the CadiLLac? Taxi & watches the burning Tower A bystander watching whats happening here drapes her arm across her shoulders & says "something what's wrong...Honey?"> she replies to her "My Building has been Hit," as it dawns on her she starts crying "there Burns my Office Space Goodbye," she says w/ Tears streaming down her cheeks.

Next Scene: Interior Shot>
Two America Place.
Kevin Jones leaves his office & walks hurriedly into a common area & says to the Accountants there "C'mon lets go, there's been a explosion," & starts to get many more people off the floor & exiting the stairs. Not in any immediate danger himself he relaxes a bit. He turns his attention to financial news information tuned to the many televisions on the trading floor & presently learns from the late breaking news that an Airliner has hit One World Trade Center across the way there. Now he's calling his Wife on the phone and assures her he's OK & says to her "you know you won't believe this but Tower One has been hit, we are fine where we are. Relax turn on the TV there is a developing story there, find out whats happening."

Next Scene: Interior Shot>
One America Place.
Yin & some others in the stairway are proceeding calmly down just like in a practise fire drill, talking to each other & trying to guess @ what happened. They are going downstairs w/ more people joining in from the passing floors. Heavy smoke starts coming in the stairway after descending five or six stories from a fire burning on a floor, halting the line hesitately. Wondering if they should keep on descending down through the smoke one Guy descending w/ us shouldering a backpack finds time to fill a coffee pot w/ water & is passing around wet paper towels. In the increasingly smoke filled stairway Yin asks him for one & covers his nose & mouth w/ it> makes for breathing a little bit easier, fearfully they continue walking down.

Next Scene: Interior Shot>
Two America Place.
Sitting in his office Mr Jones sees the strobe lights flash of the alarm system & hears whoop whoop of a PA announcement about to be made & listens for it "Building Two is secure. There is no need to evacuate Building Two. If you are in the midst of evacuation you may return to your office by using the re-entry doors on the re-entry floors & the elevators to return to your Office. Repeat Building Two is secure." He gets up from his desk & goes for a walk among the offices on his floor as the PA announcement repeats itself again > noticing only a few dozen office personal were left on the floor.

Next Scene: Interior Shot>
Two America Place.
Standing @ the north wall windows is a girl watching One America Place in flames & smoke & notices a jumper leaping from the fire through the window to certain death. Debbie in tears spins around from the windows & runs to Mr Jones standing afar off from the window & says "Oh Kevin its terrible, people are dying" not knowing Her numbers up. He puts his arms around her & says "C"mon lets get you to the Ladies room." Together they leave the offices & walk down the hall westerly across the center core hallway to the other side, where the Ladies room is located. She goes in & he continues walking across to the west side to his office area> standing near the windows He's talking about these things w/ the few persons left remaining there.

Next Scene: Interior Shot>
One America Place.
Yin & many others continuing down the many flights without panic, tries reaching his wife on his cell phone to tell her the trouble he's in without success, the lines are down. One person w/ a Blackberry pager informs all here "a Boeing airplane has hit the Building." There are more & more people coming in from the lower floors w/ us going down the stairs orderly. We find this news hard to believe but it looks like. Sitting on the stairs is a man who came down stairs from the upper floors, his clothes are soaked w/ sweat from the effort, & is breathing hard. Two female co-workers are trying to encourage him to keep on going. On the way down more & more people fearfully join us, its becoming crowded yet organized.

In the Film/Video 'Flood Insurance' add in here two commercials for licenced brand products.

Next Scene: Exterior Shot>Social Security Building Tuesday October 1, 2001.
Next Scene: Interior Shot>
Office Scene.
Supervisor Mrs.Carter reading in her file saying "thats terrible what happened you lost your Job Samantha, Ms Smith responds 'without warning he comes w/ four planes to seize 
the Kingdom by intrigue.' you were lucky that day what is the World coming too?" hold scene for a few seconds. alt tag? Ms Smith responds "without warning he comes w/ four planes to seize the Kingdom by intrigue. He will give great honor to those who acknowledge Him & he will cause them to rule over the many." Supervisor Mrs Carter says "who done it a despicable person 'n wise to do Evil 'n he will prosper." Confidently she adds "tell me more about you" & she looks up @ her "now what happens" hold scene for a few seconds. Samantha Smith jones for benefits looking @ the application on her desk says "I was standing around staring 'n cryin' for a quarter hour-Jesus I escaped with the skin of my teeth & Wham Bam Two America Place get's it, like a cat set in a microwave & I looked @ my watch 'n it was just past nine" hold scene for a few seconds.

'I looked @ my watch 'n it was just past nine' Next Scene: Exterior Shot>
'Wham Bam Two America Place get's it, like a Cat set in a 
Microwave' Heard playing on the soundtrack is 'Sweet Hitchhiker' by CCR w/ live footage of hijacked United Airlines Flight 175, a Boeing 767 slamming into the south side of World Trade Center Tower Two.

Next Scene: Interior Shot>
Two America Place.
Standing near the windows Mr Jones & a few others hear this sort of thump sound & all the lights went out. Then the Building sharply sways over to one side, leans over far enough for him to think it might capsize @ any moment like a sinking boat> left hanging in limbo there this could go one way or the other. Ceiling tiles w/ it's brackets, air conditioning ducts, speakers & cables are falling down around them. The walls are torn in a zig zag motion, the floor tiles pop up. The building now rights itself mortally wounded, but not dead yet. Door frames are buckling under the pressure caused by the Impact. In serious danger Mr Jones knows about the first building & now it might be happening to this building. Fearing for his Life he seeks a way out of the building to safety. Instantly the room they are in fills up w/ chalky white dirty dust. Switching on the flashlight held in his hand they cautiously make their way out of the room over fallen debris from the ceiling to the hallway, past the ladies room to the building center core. Here two hallways criss cross, the north-south & east-west hallways meet, that traverse the length of the building in the four points of the compass. Standing @ the crossroads of his life they have to chose which stairway to descend. Two of them will lead to a dead end & certain death one will lead to safety, but which one is it? What to do? Talking his life in his own hands miraculously @ random they turn to the stairway @ the left hand not knowing here is the farthest stairway from Impact. Needing to speedily exit the doomed structure they start down stairway 'A.'

Next Scene: Interior Shot>
One America Place.
Yin & many more people are joining w/ him & marching single file on the way down tries again in vain to call his wife on his cell phone but there is no signal yet @ all. Half way down by now to street level he hears people down in front shouting up "stay on the right hand side, the firefighters are coming up." So the line halts, yielding the right of way waiting for the firefighters to pass by. They are a grim-faced bunch, carrying the equipment up to this 20th floor breathing hard & perspiring, @ least a half dozen of them heading up to the 80th floor. They resume walking another couple flights downstairs & meet up w/ more firefighters on the job doing their thing & the line comes to a halt again, to grant them passage & let them by. They keep walking w/ shouts coming up to them of more firemen coming, give place to them. Carrying a heavy load upstairs from ground level a firefighter rests on the stairs for a breather & calls to another to wait up for him and is told to come up when he catches his breath. They do so in the line of duty their last day @ work.

Next Scene: Interior Shot>
Two America Place.
On the way down the darkened stairs Mr Jones w/ his flashlight shining brightly like the light of Heaven in the eyes of Jesus, w/ six others straggling behind makes their way down the three flights of stairs to the 81st floor. On this floor two people on the landing meet us coming up from the immediate floors below. One of them a rather heavy-set woman w/ a skinny looking workmate w/ her, not knowing the plane smacked into the building three floors below her floor @ the other side of the building says "stop stop, you've got to go up," is moving one foot per step @ a time she labours to join us, she was such a big woman. The Fat Lady starts singing "You've got to go up you can't go down there is too much smoke & flames below." Perplexed in this dilemma a discussion breaks out among these gathered w/ their lives on the line. Listening to the comments being made Mr Jones shines the flashlight in the faces w/ time running out. As some persons are saying one thing and others saying another an argument spreads like the plague. Then ADBI the janitor wearing a School Board top, pinned under fallen rubble, jonesing for help, tries to draw their attention to his dilemma. Bang bang bang, thump thump thump he pounds away on something. They hear these sounds coming from somewhere on this floor. A pleading voice shouts "Help! help! I'm buried I can't breath, is anybody there? Can you help me please?" The Fat Lady takes off up the stairs as fast as her dumb ass can go. Which was not very fast, a sad sight. Mr Jones as His deciding thought & wasn't flipped, not wanting any part of this argument whether to head up or down thinking what to do? Says "there is a risk involved in each window of opportunity, in every crisis. Is there a God in Heaven? Come on, lets go see whats up w/ Him" & grabs Ron? by the sleeve, hold scene for a few seconds.

In the Film/Video 'Flood Insurance' add in here two commercials for licensed brand products.

Next Scene: Interior Shot>
Two America Place...
9:59am > The South Tower 2 World Trade Center collapses 9:59am > Two America Place collapses in a plume of ash debris > as the World watches on TV. Add in here some more response reactions of these events from around the world, in the editing. Compile footage from many willing sources, like watching it in the Jenin Refugee Camp on Al-Jahzeera TV, in India.

Next Scene: Exterior Shot>
10:29am > The North Tower 1 World Trade Center collapses 10:29am > One America Place collapses > Bringing up a rising cloud of dust, as the World watches on CNN, hold scene for a few seconds longer.

In the Film/Video 'Flood Insurance' add in here two commercials for licenced brand products.

Next Scene: Exterior Shot> Social Security Building Tuesday October 1, 2001.
Next Scene: Interior Shot> Office Scene.
(add here re: hopeful of resolution)
Mrs. Ella Fitzgerald Carter smoking a licensed brand cigarette says to her "a problem with your application since you Yourself lived through that you're not qualified for benefits, only a one time lump sum of $15,884" she says reading from her file.
Send and Receive Email Money Transfers Today "Do jews control America? I'm releasing it to you into your EMT Address we have on File in an email money transfer" as the Supervisor reaches for the pen behind her ear & depresses the Send button releasing the funds. She waits three seconds for affirmation of OK delivery, for her sitting in the chair is a survivor of nine eleven after all & receives it & affirms "you now have access to & control of it the password is emailed separately." She looks up from her desk listening expectantly w/ raised eyebrows looking @ her follows her gaze "Taxable Income" she says "any questions?" Samantha holds her tongue takes the money and runs> She shakes her head & says "Thank You Mrs. Carter, Goodbye" across the desk they hug & kiss. The intercom buzzes> "you have a nice day Samantha" she says "yes Linda?" Her receptionist says "your next appointment Stanley Jones is in" applying for the same benefits > the Supervisor Mrs Carter says "Send Him in Please." Samantha gets up from her chair & leaves the office area > as she is passing Mr Jones in the doorway to her he says "?" She smiles warmly & flushes @ him > & walks through the lobby > nods shalom to the Receptionist Linda > goes to the elevators & descends to the main floor> leaving the social security building.

Next Scene: Exterior Shot>
Outside the Office Building jonesing for a Cigarette, frenchie? she Lights up a licenced brand cigarette > takes three puffs.
Here He comes again to the ashtray > Frenchie takes a long cigarette end out of it & a few butts & says "CadiLLac" Samantha says "jonesing for a cigarette, Jeffrey?" & w/ a smile & w/ that she draws one out of her pack held in her left hand & w/ a right palm up & arm straight out bent at the elbow swinging down motion she offers a DuMaurier Light> he accepts w/ a light> they exchange pleasantries > she shuffles off to hail a CadiLLac™ Cab #1467. It pulls up to the curb in front of her & she gets in, hold scene for a few seconds.

Next Scene: Exterior Shot>
Medium close up> CadiLLac™ Taxicab > A head shot of S.S. on the passenger's side.

Next Scene: Interior Shot>
The Driver says "Where To, Honey?!" she answers "apartment 312 Queens, 123 Willowbrook"> it drives off Homeward Bound.

Next Scene: Interior Shot>
http://login.passport.net/uilogin.srf?id=2 She is sniffing her hotmail inbox for the Email Money Transfer from Social Security w/ her licensed brand product Motorola, Bell, Rogers, Telus Mobile Browser> looks for it, like @ cheque day you go on the phone, is it there? saw it> here it is $15,984. We can hear her voice and read her lips saying "That's a Big Cheque" & she thinks back to that morning, in the elevator & the voice in her bedroom & sleeping in & says "I should have stayed in bed." On the sountrack Shania Twain sings 'Let's Go Girls' off the 'Come On Over' CD & plays on through a third of the way of the closing credits, hold scene for a few seconds.

CLOSING SCENE: Exterior Shot>

The Crisis in Such Days
Plan A Ripe With Implications, The Point of No Return
Introducing protection for budding prospects in future miltary manoeuvres. You know what restrains Him Who Done It w/ out a Deal* turning the tables in the face of a Pre emptive strike so, four Russian Helicopters are approaching, askew in pairs. He will honour those who acknowledge Him ripe w/ implications, over the Persian Gulf set up on two giant oil carriers. They are both armed, one laden w/ 25000 tons of TNT explosive fire power, in the shape of two small nuclear Devices onboard. The second identical Bird shooting w/ an expensive Panavision Camera the goings on. The ocean going Tankers fully loaded w/ Iraqi oil, are the twin targets dead ahead. As far as the Captains of them are concerned, not expecting the unexpected for them, this is a routine run like many another. One each of the two pair touches down on the ships, @ sea not far from each other, less than two hours apart. The observation Airship w/ the camera shooting film, to be shown on Al Jazeera TV @ an opportune time, hovers @ a safe distance. To film the ensuing carnage, not in any way a part of it. The Captain watching it land on His deck indulging in self righteous indignation shouts "What the Hell...get the fuck off my Ship" & graps an AK 47, harnessed to the wall. He stalks out a side door, climbs down a steel ladder, & runs @ the Helicopter. This veiled threat in protection of Iran, in an act of self defence, in the face of aggression indignantly retaliates w/ helicopter crews, on each deck. Intending to shoot the crew & blow up the Ship the Leader not the Pilot receives the Captain w/ weapons pointed. They want Him to round up his crew. He communicates to the Bridge to announce over the PA for his crew to assemble on deck, as if He had a reason to. Most of them do, heading for the Bow, they file in line. One lonely guy gets on the phone Ship to Shore & says "I dont know whats going on yet but a Helicopter just landed aboard." Those on shore scramble a couple F18s in the summer sun. He gets three bullets to the brain for his troubles, the phone line goes dead. Shooting breaks out. The Flyers shoot down the Sailors in a barrage of gunfire. Mercifully they filled them full of lead. Their blood flows freely on deck & over the side, their bleeding corpses lie still in the afternoon sun, shining in their lifeless eyes. The Helicopter Crew having flown here from Tehran w/ two bombs aboard sets one down up front on deck. A silver brass plate w/ black lettering is riveted to the Device. Warning This Plutonium Enriched Weapon contains enough arsenal to topple a structure of any size. Labels are affixed Made In Iran, another Label reads For Export Only. The Navigator pulls a small key on a ring out from a leather coat breast pocket & inserts it, turning it on. Activated a red bar skims across the little screen left to right, indicating warming up. It disappears replaced w/ a green bar jauntingly dancing across the screen instantly,
Ready What would You like to do? it reads.
Activate Device? Unactivate Device?
With a nod they agree, "smoke 'em up" he says, He clicks Activate. The screen asks Are You Sure? A loaded question.
Yes    No.
He swears mildly, selecting Yes.
On the screen it reads, Set Timer.
He types in zero hours, three minutes, thirty seconds
The screen flashes green, Activated. The Timer is set, the minutes tick away. Three & a half minutes to countdown. The Pilot flys it over the Bridge to touch down & plant a second device, amidship. It flys back, picks them up whisking them away, running for their Life into the wild blue yonder, each of them. The timer ticks away, thirteen seconds. Now it explodes w/ the force of twenty five thousand tons of TNT, w/ enough blast to ignite the oil, shooting flames of fire high in the Sky, sending the Tanker to the bottom of the Sea in a blazing ball of fire, much like Two America Place. The second chopper getting this on film but out of harms way shoots the mushroom cloud rising to the Heavens that invariably follows large explosions. With the meter running they linger over the now fully engulfed in flames oil carrier erupting like a Volcano, shooting long enough to watch the flames burning along the length of the Ship a hundred meters in the air. Filming the Tanker Carrier sinking the Leader shouts "Bombs away, lets go!" The Camera person filming from the departing Chopper pans up to ten thirty catches Enemy aircraft fast approaching ground zero yells "lets get the fuck outta here!" As 50 caliber bullets whiz through the skin @ arms reach. The Pilot putting distance between him & them shifts the modified Chopper into HyperDrive, it skims away. The Camera person raises an inquiry of his own as to what that is that we have here. The Leader yells over the whirring blades "HyperDrive, Nitrous Oxide Afterburner, faster than speed of sound. Get us the Hell outta here" in english. Faster than a bat outta hell they abscond for their Lives from the inquiries sure to follow. The speed of the Aircraft reaching its peak only miles shy of achieving HyperDrive @ a safe distance from them, the Pilot scans his instrament panel in a condensed version of preventive maintenance. There he notices on the Dashboard a red light flashing WARNING!
He pushes in a red button, on a screen reads, Notice HyperDrive Temperature.
Immediately he does, a yellow sliding scale w/ Cold Temperature Operating Temperature and Overheating written above it. The scale is reading in the red, overheating.


Do Nothing Proceed           Shutdown HyperDrive   

The Leader commands him to do nothing, the Pilot jabs the close window button w/ a grunt. The sliding bar disappears from the screen. Repaired w/ two sliding scales in rows. One indicating distance in Meters to destination, under it a second sliding scale, indicating in seconds time to destination. The Navigator reading from sensors onboard the Computer configures impact from the detonation that he set about five seconds from where he sits. He looks to his leader, yells in Arabic "Shock wave closing fast, 666 kilometers." That could mean little time left for them to enjoy the finer things in life. Escaping from this invisable Tsunami stands as the last thing between them & getting away w/ it. The Pilot figures @ the speed its going to achieve Hyperdrive & outrun the wave, it will be precious seconds headin' for the hills. He shouts back, "Five seconds to touchdown, its gonna be close, Allah Akbar!" Watching the screen together, we count down the seconds, 3 2 1. Boom! Boom! Crossing the Barrier breaking it by a nose ahead of the shock wave. It fizzles out not going the distance. Hardly felt just observed. The Pilot outruns them to safety. A plumb of thin long white smoke entrails from the rear of the speeding craft. The smoke slowly thickens, turning black in colour, streaming out behind it. He aims to slow down the Craft before he blows an engine & shuts down the Hyperdrive system. The vehicle stalls in midair, pushed to its limits, groaning @ the strain, it dies in midair. The Craft starts losing altitude, he reaches out swearing as he does 'fuckin' asshole,' & restarts the engine. It puffs to life, operating, it says on the screen, in arabic. W/ out missing a beat they beat a hasty retreat. With all that on tape, a copy for your records.
Tehran gets on the phone to Washington implicating themselves in this tidy affair, opening a wound adds "This is a warning, two Iraqi Refineries are next, two less for you to get your hands on, Infidel." Seeing that the threat is real the Oil companies, w/ a hook in its jaw might be willing to make a Real* Deal out of a raw one. They turn away from them to the will of God. Who teaches you to prosper in the way you should go, heads him north. Seeking the whereabouts of #1s @ the twin towers ground zero, to bring Him to justice & hang him high?
Turning away from Iran the Army departs from Baghdad, heading up in a northern direction. His whereabouts being in the house of Ben Hadad of Damascus. Now in on this, the Harlot Woman getting on the bandwagon, wants to ride the coattail of Him to the top. Gets on the back of #1s about His next move. Namely in present day Syria is one shady character walking on the sidewalk, a Turk. He caused some of the stars to fall to the earth, late thirtys, average height and weight, whose look was more stout than his fellows, casing this city for its net worth. Commissioned w/ it by the highest power, so in effect in the latter years You who done it will come into the land that is restored from the sword, whose inhabitants have been gathered from many nations to the mountains of Israel. How much money is here to get away w/, for instance. Like a Nazi a mistake gone bad, willing and able to raise hell of his own, bad to the bone. Up to no good, knowing what he wants and how to get it he goes about his monkey business on the ocean. He the One Hit Wonder, places his followers in the Syrian capitol @ the forefront, of his second mounting manoeuvre. Muggings, snipers doing their thing tearing @ the fabric of society in the house of Gods' peoples' Enemy in Damascus. To be followed w/ escalating violence.
In Iraq some 60 miles north of the secret place are a few U.S. marines on patrol. In discussion together one says "I heard a rumour, that they have proof who took a bite outta da big apple." The other guy says "If he the One Hit Wonder isn't here, it wasn't Saddam who built all this was it? Where is he?" The first soldier says "The ancient capitol of Israel's enemy is where he's at, looking to raise some capitol of his own, He's got them all fooled. We have to hop it over from here to there." Down the road on patrol they walked away.
When the U.S. army now in the heart of Persia hears rumours of evidence that maybe they have the wrong man in Saddam to bring to justice, #1s who done it to the Twin Towers, @ ground zero, stained w/ the blood of others. To the effect of catching a glimpse of him in the flesh. As they plan their next move whether to hop it over the border after him, the ground beneath them begins to tremble. Then starts shaking uncontrollably, a 7.6 Earthquake quickens their choice. 'Lets go" and they hop it over.
In Damascus, Syria, the U.S. troops with tanks and guns and bombs begin occupying it. They systematically do justice to the ancient enemies of Gods people, searching house to house for him, to bring him to justice. Business grinds to a halt, people chased away from there, run for your life. Houses are plundered and set afire, women are ravished and murdered. Now this Tank comes rumbling from out of nowhere into view, having being dropped from two Russian made Helicopters to the ground w/ a big hook on a rope, it rolls into the Syrian capital. It rounds the corner of the street the Mayors house is on. Rolls up in front of it & stops. The turret pivots, pointing the barrel @ the Mayor's front door. The Driver fires a shot @ the house, the missile aims true hits the mark blasting most of the front of the house into the next time zone. The house immediately catches fire burning up, falls to the ground, in smoke & cinders. The Driver now pivots the barrel all the way around the other way. It facing front, stops, this German made Tank put into motion runs over the first five cars that followed it here, on its way to any Church it can find, the car occupants emerge from them relatively unscathed. The Tank travels three blocks to the Church of the Syrian capital believers & stops in front of it & does the same thing done to the Mayors house to this Building. It blowed up real good, set aflame it torches to the ground in cinders, ashes blowing in the wind. And finally this Tank rumbles on to City Hall, blowing it sky high in the process. Now it makes good its escape drives out of town into a Highway, as fast as it can go. Stray cars veer out of its way, pulling away to the right hand & the left, others follow @ a safe distance from that barrel. Up ahead stringing a grappling wire straddled across the Highway, between two parked, waiting, watching Russian made Helicopters, w/ their engines heard starting up. Taunting a grappling wire across the highway. The Tank rolls on ahead aiming for the guy wire w/ its big hook the Driver runs right into it, full speed ahead. The slack wire twines taunt w/ a whine, like the crack of a whip picking up the slack. It stiffens hard, the hook is picked up w/ the wire lifting the twenty ton German Tank up into the heavens, off into the sunset. Who done it, Who then is? The Hook strapped onto the tank engine, catches this highwire act nicely grabbing the guy line strung between the two Helicopters, it picks up the military hardware like a toy. Carrying it off out of harms way, a clean hit, they get away w/ it too.
The city burns to the ground. The wall around it set aflame, topples over crashing to the ground. This shady character who done it absconding w/ the wealth will see the victory & prosper, takes the money and runs. To raise up three armies in Iran, Libya and Ethiopia, be a protection to them. He turns his face to the richest parts of the Realm. So that through him God might punish the world for its sins, exterminating its sinners from it in the process. But, #1s doesn't think so.
14 And she the Harlot woman deceives those who dwell on the earth because of the signs which it was given Her to perform in the presence of the Beast, who done it. Telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who had the wound of the sword & has Come to Life. Burning the midnight oil, not sure who done it, crunch time it has come down to this, the point of no return. If it doesn't kill you it will make you stronger. This twenty two caliber shot in the back of Iraq spews forth oil @ an alarming rate. Gushing flames of Fire seemingly coming up from the ground flare up in smoke, like the smoke of a great furnace. The Sun & the air were darkened by the smoke, blackening the sky. Out of the smoke came Locusts upon the Earth. They have as King over them, the angel of the abyss. Things have come to a head, erupting, whats it going to be? You might want a real deal
*Three Armies & a Blessing for A Wife & a Job, instead of a raw deal, of great earthquakes plagues & famines in such days? Meanwhile back in America, a powerful, feared & oppressive Nation there is an election going on. George of Washington has done his duty, the Republicans are voted out of office. Getting ahead of things for now that's all you need to know, it is written,
the buck is passed.
Jeffrey Walker April 28 2006
revised May 13 2006
Muddy York, Upper Canada
Camera withdraws from the CadiLLac™ Cab rising above them in a slow steady ascent to a Panorama view of the New York City Skyline not now including One America Place, hold scene for a few seconds...

Roll the closing credits on a transparent background over the ground zero capstone for ten seconds & continue over a This Film/Video CadiLLacs On Cheque Day is dedicated to the 2,749 people 
who lost their lives @ Ground Zero here that Day 9/11 RIP black background w/ 'Pink Cadillac' playing on the soundtrack by Natalie Cole following through the remaining credits w/ 'People Who Died' by the Jim Carroll Band. After the credits have rolled add two Licenced Brand Product commercials. Totals twelve Licenced Brand Products in the Film / Video 'CadiLLacs On Cheque Day.' They might be licenced™ Kraft, GM, Rogers, Bell, Telus, Motorola, and/or American Express 'Blue Cash,' a Cab Company. "That's it! Peace & Love> God Bless You." This original story is edited, scored & written by Jeffrey Walker, & Brian Clark & Yin Liang Toronto ON July 2002; amended February, June, October-December 2003, January - Sept 2004 for the Lord My GOD. Excerpted from Copyright © Unchanging Love 2003, Eric Tippett.

The LORD being angry has called to weeping today, & behold eating & drinking saying tomorrow we die.

32 "But the people who know their God will display strength & take action. OT/Daniel 11 / 32 /

10 "Many will be purged, purified & refined, but the wicked will act wickedly; & none of the wicked will understand, but those who have insight will understand. /Daniel 12 / 10 /
Beach Picnic For the soft drink commercial can we get Sheryl Crow 
sitting on the beach under an umbrella singing her hit 'Soak up the Sun' 
live w/ her Band <4:45> in a licenced brand product?
Lead into this Film and open the Video with a couple of user friendly licensee national brand products. First an Money Mart™ Licenced commercial, & a Licensed Soda commercial. For the soft drink commercial may we have Sheryl Crow sitting on the beach under an umbrella singing her hit 'Soak up the Sun' live w/ her Band <4:45> in a Pepsi ™ or Coke™ licenced brand commercial? So then Sheryl, can you think of a better reason to make a buck or three than sitting on the beach having a drink Soaking up the Sun, opening in our Film / Video ' 'Flood Insurance' followed by the opening Scene.

You might like to know a little bit about the Writer of this Article for your information.
The Fred Victor Centre / ERC office have a nice day! Is he not tall, slim, middle aged, and living in Toronto. We moved from Ottawa @ the end of July '03 to St. John's NF, & moved from St John's @ the end of September '03 up to Toronto ON & stayed until we topped it up @ Dexit @ the Salvation Army. We moved home to the F.V.C Wednesday Mar 10 2004. He has access to an internet computer at the Fred Victor Center and a E.R.C. Office and is a white guy.

'Flood Insurance' Photo Album

'Flood Insurance'
Based in part on Bible prophecies and actual events in such days.
A who done it murder mystery movie @ 9/11.
Flood Insurance is brought to you in part by Visa Cash Cards w/ chips.
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A Survivor's Story
Screenplay adapted in part from
URL: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/wtc/above.html

Escaping from World Trade Center
Screenplay adapted in part from Yin Liang's world trade center escape
experience at the day the twin tower collapsed.
URL: http://www.miraclebridge.com/wtcescape.html

URL: http://www.cooperativeresearch.org/timeline/main/dayof911.html

View German photos of deceased.
URL: http://www.model-info-line.at/homepage-11-September/alle-bilder2.htm

http://www.angelfire.com/film/cadillacs/index.html Samantha Smith get's Lucky
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Limo Interior
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3000 Miles to Graceland Costner. 
Russell. Vegas. Elvis. Heist. 59 Cadillac. Courtney Cox in tight pants. There is also an auto museum at Graceland. This is the pink Cadillac 
that Elvis gave to his mother.
Jackie at Graceland in 1973, standing in front of Master Kang Rhee's 
Cadillac (a gift from Elvis.)
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39 Heavy aircraft Diverted to YQX
Read 'Flood Insurance' screenplay in private. view movie
22 Unless those days had been cut short no life would have been 
saved, but for the sake of the elect who use a BMO bank convience card 
& hop it over w/ a Tag these days will be cut short then, 
NT/Matthew 24 / 22 / 22 Unless those days had been cut short no life would have been saved, but for the sake of the elect who use a BMO Bank convience card & hop it over w/ a Dexit Tag these days will be cut short NT/Matthew 24 / 22 /
12 'I will restore the fortunes of the land as they were @ 1st' says the Lord.
11 the voice of joy and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom & the voice of the bride, the voice of those who say "Give Thanks to the Lord of hosts,
For the Lord is good
His lovingkindness is everlasting"
& of those who bring a thank offering into the house of the Lord. OT/Jeremiah 33 / 12 / 11 /
Comforting a daughter 24 Hours Paper Friday May 7th 2004
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